What are the Names and Sizes of Lite Brites?

Over the years, there have been different versions and sizes of Lite Brite manufactured by various toy companies.

Types of Lite Brites

Here are some of the most popular Lite Brite versions and their sizes:

Classic Lite Brite

Hasbro first introduced the toy in 1967, and it is known as the Classic Lite Brite. It is rectangular in shape and measures 9 by 12 inches. The board has a black background, and colored pegs that may be placed into the board to make different designs are included.

At GlowPeg, we refer to Classic Lite Brite as “Classic 9×12” when downloading our printable lite brite templates.

Although it can be nostalgic to use these classics, more modern Lite Brites such as the Ultimate Classic (described below) are readily available for under $20 on Amazon.

This is the updated version of the previously mentioned original Lite Brite toy classic. It was introduced in 2018 by Basic Fun, a company that specializes in creating retro-inspired toys.

Lite Brite Ultimate Classic is light, modern, and portable. It is my go to recommendation for replacing old lite brites or buying new ones.

They can be purchased on Amazon for under $20

The Lite Brite Ultimate Classic measures approximately 9-¼ wide by 8 inches tall. Here’s a picture of mine.

Ultimate Classic Lite Brite with ruler

GlowPeg Printable Lite Brite templates for the Ultimate Classic are 8 inches wide by 6-½ inches tall. You can request a free sample of the printable Hot Air Balloon lite brite refill here.

But again, because the Ultimate Classics can be purchased on Amazon for under $20 and is light and portable, I recommend it all the time.

Click here to view on Amazon for under $20


Hasbro introduced this cube-shaped variation of Lite Brite in 2007. Its outside is made of translucent plastic and includes a built-in light. Sometimes the dimensions are listed as 6 by 6 inches and other times it is 7 by 7 inches. When the cube is opened, a black Light Brite board with colored pegs is visible.

At Glowpeg, we refer to the Cube as Square 7×7 and the technical dimensions of the lite brite template is 6-¾ by 6-¾ inches.


A scaled-down version of the original Lite Brite toy is called the Lite Brite Mini. Hasbro first released it in 2008, and since then, many businesses have produced it.

The lite brite refill sizes provided on GlowPeg are referred to as Mini 4×4 with technical dimensions of 3-⅝ wide by 3-½ inches tall.

Other Options

It’s worth noting that there may be other sizes and versions of Lite Brite available, depending on the manufacturer and the year of release.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our templates come with a money back guarantee if it does not fit your particular Lite Brite

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