Free Lite Brite Patterns

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I suspect it would be helpful for people to try before they buy.  For most people, is this your first time considering a lite brite pattern?  If this is the case, then I imagine it would be helpful to download a free printable lite brite pattern. We’ve offered free lite brite refills and patterns in the past, but stopped because it’s difficult to maintain.  

This time around, we’re around ask for email addresses, so we can get to know you better and how we can make our lite bright patterns better.

Does size matter?  Hah. Or should the free printable design pattern be for all lite brite sizes we offer: classic, travel and square?  The amount of effort needed to provide all three lite brite sizes vs just one is about the same, so I’m thinking all three sizes is best.

Have you tried other free lite brite patterns?

I’m interested in learning more about your experiences in researching printable lite brite refill sheets.

I created this site after struggling to find affordable lite brite patterns for my daughters.  In addition, I wanted lite brite sheets I could print, so my girls could immediately begin enjoying.  Parents know, kids do not like to wait!

I’m surprised by how many people have come and visted this site over the years.  I want to continue to grow it and be the best lite brite pattern site on the internet.   So, all your suggestions are welcome!