How to Make Lite Brite Printable Sheets for Free

The following post on making lite brite refill sheets, has become fairly popular over the years and there a few things I’ve learned since initial publication.

1. 10 unique lite brite template designs are downloadable for under $5 available.

2. You can try before you buy here

Ok, with that all cleared up, now onto the original tutorial on making your own custom printable lite brite refill sheets…

Did you know a lite brite printable sheets can be created using free software and an average printer? That’s right, no special software or special printer is required to create your very own lite brite design sheets. This article will show how to create your lite brite designs which you can print on home ink jet or laser jet printer. It presumes rudimentary knowledge of Google Spreadsheets, but this article will walk you through it.

Lite brites are classic toy for children of all ages. When I was a kid there was only one size, but in 30 years, Hasbro has expanded to include flat cubes and travel size lite brites. In this tutorial, I’m going to show how to design sheet for a lite brite any size.  Just experiment with the height and width that are appropriate for your lite brite.

I’m going to use Google Spreadsheets, but any spreadsheet program could work. Google Spreadsheets is free and easy to use, so let’s go with it.


1. Create a new spreadsheet
2. Adjust column sizes, background cell colors, borders and text color
3. Design your Lite Brite sheet
4. Export to PDF
5. Print

Here’s the steps to create a Lite Brite Printable Sheets in more detail:

Create a new Spreadsheet

I went to Google Spreadsheets and opened a new file.

Adjust Default Spreadsheet Settings

Next, I adjusted the default settings for column sizes, background colors and text color.  If you skip the border section, there is a default grey border which doesn’t look right to me.  But, it might be helpful.  Try a few different settings!

Design Your Lite Brite sheet

I designed a small blue rocket with yellow flames.  It needed to be quick for this video.

Export to PDF

When your lite brite design is complete, export to PDF.  Now, you may print directly or save the file and print at a later time.

That’s it!  Now, you can design your very own printable lite brite designs.  If you have any questions, post them as comments to this page.  Or, if you are just looking for some pre-made lite brite designs, check out   Thanks!

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