Lite Brite Template Refills Landscapes Theme (10 pack)


10 Printable Lite Brite Refills in Landscape Theme Pack

Our world is a filled with natural and man-made beauty!  Mountains, Islands, Towers, Space, etc.  Landscapes theme offers views into our world.



Lite brite refill sheets in Landscapes Theme 10 pack

This downloadable Lite Brite© printable refill pack contains 10 landscape sheets: Desert, City, Eiffel Tower, Forest, Island, Lighthouse, Moon, Mountains, Pyramids, and Seascape printable designs.

It’s also a great teaching and learning opportunity for children.

These custom designed lite brite template sheets offered for Lite Brite© sizes including Ultimate Classic (8×7 inches), Classic (9 x 12 inches), Flat/Cube (6.75″ square) and Travel (3.5inch square) screen sizes.  Please choose according to your lite brite size.

Print as many times as you wish. Both color or black-and-white printers work fine. No special printer required.  This theme pack can be purchased, printed and used immediately after ordering. No waiting.

Each order contains two printable files with either white or black backgrounds, so you can print both or according to your background preference.  (White background requires less ink.)

Lite Brite Templates PDF files are available to download immediately after order.  No physical products are shipped.
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Works on Mac or PC

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Satisfaction guaranteed. 100% refunds if not satisfied.

Lite Brite© is a registered trademark of Hasbro

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Lite Brite Size

Classic 9×12, Mini 4×4, Square 7×7, Ultimate Classic 8×7

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Lite Brite Template Refills Landscapes Theme (10 pack)
Lite Brite Template Refills Landscapes Theme (10 pack)
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