Refill sheets for the most recent version of lite brite with screen size of 8×7 inches. This is the most modern lite brite.

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Lite Brite Refills Animal Theme (10 pack) for Ultimate Classic 8×7


10 Lite Brite© Animal Theme Refills

Come explore animals from land, sea, and air.  These lite brite refill sheets designed to work with the Ultimate Classic screen size which is 8 x 7 inches.

Lite Brite Template Refills Vehicle Theme (10 Pack) For Ultimate Classic 8×7


10 lite brite templates vehicle theme

For the latest Lite Brite, “Ultimate Classic” sized screen design pack explores machinery, transportation, and things that help us move and have fun.  Big, tall, small — shapes of all sizes.  Vehicles that make our lives easier.  Vehicles that make our lives fun!

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