How to Lite Brite Printable Sheets Video on YouTube

Hi everyone,

It’s my first attempt at creating a YouTube video about our lite brite printable sheets.  It shows how easy it is to print Glowpeg’s lite brite printable sheets.

I’m often asked about printer requirements or any special paper needs for GlowPeg’s Lite Brite Printable Sheets and this video is intended to show that:

* No special paper is required for these lite brite designs

* This shows printing a dark backround version of a lite brite template, but remember that a white background version is also included with every order

* No special printer is required

Depending on the size of your lite brite, you might need to fold or trim the white edges.

Let me know in the comments of this page if this video helps?  I’ll make more or adjustments if it’s helpful.

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