Animal and Vehicle Savings Pack (10% Discount Lite Brite Patterns Printable)

Save 10% with Multi-Theme Packs

20 designs for $8.99

These lite brite refill sheets work with all Lite Brite© including Classic (9 x 12 inches), Flat/Cube (6.75″ square) and Travel (3.5inch square).

This multi-theme pack contains both the Animal and Vehicle packs in one, cost saving product.

This printable refill pack contains: butterfly, cat, dinosaur, dolphin, elephant, horse, lion, owl, snail, T-Rex lite brite lite brite designs from Animal lite brite theme pack and the Bicycle, Blimp, Bulldozer, Car, Dumptruck, Balloon, Plane, Rocket, Ship, Snowboard printable lite brite designs from Vehicle.

It’s also a great play and teaching opportunity for children.

Do you have a ink jet or laser jet printer?  This lite brite theme pack can be purchased, printed and used now.

As with all of our lite brite designs, you can print these designs as many times as you want.

20 Original Designs
Available to Download and Print Now
Works on Mac or PC
Unlimited – print as many times as you want

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